Tuesday, I took walking tour around London. It was nice to get out and photograph things that I didn't capture on my first visit in 2005, or with a professional camera. The tour ended at an adorable restaurant. It started raining, so I hung out and ate some lunch, quite disappointed in the service. I barely saw anyone, couldn't get water, and when I wanted to pay, I had to track people down. Then, the tip was already printed as a 0 on the receipt, and I didn't have any pound cash or coin to leave them. I felt awful! Later, I found out that tips aren't expected, so servers don't care, and it's not a big deal. Quite different than America! I got lost on my way north to Camden Town. It's a cute area similar to Wicker Park in Chicago. Full of shops, street markets, and food vendors. After about an hour of photographing and walking around, my phone and camera batteries had died, so I headed back for the evening. I stayed in Ealing, and my hosts took me on a walk around the area. There's a beautiful park, and lots of picturesque shops and stores.