Windsor & Woking Life

Hello everyone! It's been a busy few weeks, and I'm loving every minute. I spent 5 days in Woking, England with the most adorable family from June 10 - June 15. Hannah is an incredible artist. You can find her work here: and make sure to follow her facebook page She has some amazing pieces of art that she is finishing soon. 

While I was there, I got to take part in her intimate elephant painting workshop. It was much easier than I thought, and left me quite impressed by the outcome of my efforts. 

The Saturday of my visit was the Queen's birthday, so we walked to the village square and joined the community for a picnic. Some of my favorite times with the family included evening Game of Thrones eating Crisps with Hannah and her husband, and hanging out with Henry, their adorable 5 year old, watching Horrible Histories while raiding the "candy basket", listening to his precocious rambling, and catching the sticky worm that falls from the ceiling. I learned lots of fun British terms : Tea also means Dinner, Dessert is Pudding, Chips are Crisps, Biscuits are Cookies, Trumping is Farting, Cheeky is Silly, Posh is Fancy, Lush is Awesome, and my favorite, Ice Lolly is Popsicles. Other great memories include cleaning a snail loaded plant, helping Hannah supervise the set up of the Art Society sidewalk show, and getting her hooked on Peanut Butter. My last full day, her husband worked from home, and I immensely enjoyed being part of their wonderful family dynamic. They are phenomenal parents, and enjoyed watching Jason's creativity to inspire a 5 year old to do things like eat green veggies, and make any unfavorable situation the most exciting and fun!

The last evening, after much discussion and ridiculous amounts of rain throughout the week, Hannah and I made an impromptu trip to Windsor. After dinner, I noticed how beautiful the light was, and we quickly raced to the car and went on a sunlight chasing adventure. We stopped in Chobham first, which you will see photographs in the previous post, and then below are photographs from Windsor. 

Since I am a direct descendent of King John, King Edward II, and therefore King Henry III, it was awesome to visit the Castle that was inhabited by my ancestors!  If we had more time, I would have gone inside, so perhaps another visit is in order. Though, according to their website, they don't allow photographs inside. Bummer. 

Windsor is an adorable area with lots of personality. Aside from the Castle (sorry for my uninspiring photographs of it) , there is a plethora of shops and restaurant pubs. Hannah and I stopped in the over-photographed waterfront area, and she captured the most unbelievable photograph of swans swimming towards her, After showing it to me as we were walking away, I had to run back and get it for myself! At that point, we staged a photograph of her painting, which I have included. Not pictured is my european chocolate fix, which disappeared before we arrived back to the house! 

It was so difficult to leave such a warm and inviting family. I feel so blessed to have met them and spent time with them, and look forward to our next time together :) 


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