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Eglise Saint Eutrope

Kelsey HayneComment
Eglise Saint Eutrope

On the way back from Saint-Émilion, we made a detour to another mysterious location. All I was told was, "You'll need your camera for this". Jennie has the best hidden secrets up her sleeve. We walk into this church into almost complete darkness. There is enough light to dig into your purse and find a euro coin for the lights. Then, behold the walls. 

The church was built around the 10th century, and has been altered over the years. Knowing Vedic Vastu rules, I found it interesting that the church faces East to allow light into the chancel in the morning. The wooden ceilings are dated to 1779, and was restored in 1991.

The paintings are dated to the 15th century, and were discovered in 1935. They were restored between 1935 and 2014. They depict the steps from the last supper to the crucifixion of Jesus, to Hell. I will caption each photograph based on the information provided from a pamphlet at the church. 

In order of appearance:

1 - The Last Supper
2 - The Arrest of Jesus
3 - The Flagellation
4 - Carrying the Cross - 3 scenes were destroyed in the 19th century when the archways were knocked through. 
5 - The Crucifixion - the virgin Mary and Holy Women at the foot of the cross. Two criminals are bound
6 - Saint Martin - and heraldic arms of the squire of Allemans (Three golden spiked discs as on the spurs of a horse rider)
7 - The entombment - The Virgin Mary, Saint John, Mary Magdalene, and Nicomedus
8 - Mary Magdalene, Mary mother of James and Salome carrying herbs and parfumed spices
9 - The Resurrection - The soldiers wear medieval armour
10 - Christ appears to Mary Magdalene - The scene is lost
11 - The Last Judgement - Christ in majesty, the Virgin Mary and Saint John
12 - Saint Michael overcoming the Devil
13 - Hell - Demons carry away souls. At the extreme right is the Leviathan