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Kelsey Hayne1 Comment

After stopping in Da Nang for two nights, I took a train to Hue. Vietnamese transportation isn't well known for being timely. After arriving 30 minutes before scheduled departure, I waited another 30 minutes after it was supposed to arrive. Once we climbed over the tracks to board, we waited another hour before the train started. Asian's love to preserve their fair complexion, so I got to see the gorgeous Hai Van pass through the blinds from the opposite side of the train. Halfway through the trip, we stopped for 30 minutes at a bridge to wait for the cue to cross. There were hundreds of motorbikes outside the train, which made everyone think we ran over someone. It was a long but interesting afternoon. 

Upon arrival, I pushed through mobs of taxi drivers vying for business, and walked up to a patiently waiting driver in the parking lot for my transfer. It's the small rebellious things in life ;)

I stayed at Amy Hostel, which has the best staff in Vietnam. I highly recommend the hostel to anyone looking to travel through the area. 

While in Hue, I took the day tomb tour. The first location was the Imperial Citadel:

Next, the Pagoda:

There were three tombs. Minh Mang was first: 

Khai Dinh:

Tu Duc:

We finished the day with a tour down the Perfume river on a dragon boat!

And I leave you with a beautiful photograph of the sunset overlooking the river from the Pagoda.